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Feb 21

News Channel 13 features New Smyrna Stand Up!

Posted by John Krauspe on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stand Up Weekend
By Scott Fais, Reporter
Feb 06, 2014

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- With the sun calling it a week and the moon on standby, folks gather to a small strip of shore in Volusia County to begin the weekend.

"As a rule of thumb, we're staying away from the sides,” New Smyrna Beach Paddleboarding instructor John Krauspe warns.

Here, the work week wraps up with a paddle in hand.

"When you paddle, you're going to put the whole blade in the water,” Krauspe says while standing in bare feet.

Just behind him, diamonds bounce on the back waters of New Smyrna Beach.

As a beginner, everyone tends to go with a real wide stance,” shares with the small crowd assembled around him as several paddleboards bounce in the wake along the river's edge.

Following a long week at the office, folks trade in their dress shoes for something a little more comfortable.

"Just a quick little paddle is all you want to do,” John recommends.

With a cooler packed, and balancing on a waiting paddleboard, the peaceful waters of Volusia County await.

"Who wants to go first you guys?” John asks.

John and Samantha Krauspe created New Smyrna Standup, a popular paddleboarding tour operator in New Smyrna Beach.

"We've paddled from six-year-olds to actually, our oldest paddler to date is 81 and she did excellently as well,” Samantha mentions as the shadows grow long.

New Smyrna Stand-Up's evening paddleboard tour is designed to melt stress away.

"I think the whole point of this is NOT to have expectations and just relax and enjoy the scenery, and have a good time,” says Friday Night paddler Kyle Hagemaier.

Paddlers like Hagemaier from Winter Springs and his friend Krystle stand-up and row for 20 minutes before reaching a secluded island. Here, time slows down and only thing racing are the crabs scooting across the sand.

"Whether it's high tide or low tide we find a nice spot and we set up a nice wine and cheese picnic, and everybody hangs out and enjoys the sunset,” Samantha says.

Far away from the sounds and responsibilities of everyday life, a small buffet appears. Fresh fruit, crackers and a little dessert are all enjoyed as the sun begins to sink into the western sky.

"You can really switch it off in the backwaters and get a sense of peace,” Samantha believes.

After the sunset, paddlers again climb aboard their boards and head for the starting point.

"It was a great adventure to start the weekend, go explore these canals, that really, wouldn't know they were here otherwise, and go out on a sand bar and enjoy a sunset and some sangria,” Kyle Hagemaier concludes.

On the way back, riders should be ready for the occasional splashdown. Here, falling in and cooling off on a warm summer night is standard.

Samantha says you leave and get to see the sunset, and by the time you come back to the dock, you get to see the moon rise.

Nov 13

Star of the South Awards

Posted by John Krauspe on Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Smyrna Stand Up is once again the winner of two Daytona Beach News-Journal Reader's Choice Star of the South Awards. NSSU has won the title of 2013's Best Family Entertainment and Best Local Attraction! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Jul 17

Forever Young

Posted by John Krauspe on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Forever Young

In a previous issue of Hometown New's Forever Young publication, New Smyrna Stand Up was featured in an Outdoors Q & A as SUP is a great way to stay forever young - enjoy!

Outdoors Q&A - Stand Up Paddle Boarding

By Erika Webb

John Krauspe, 45, is the co-owner of New Smyrna Stand Up, which was founded in 2009, the first company of its kind in New Smyrna Beach.

“As an avid surfer for the past 25 years, I fell in love with paddle boarding from the very first try, and wanted to find a way to share the sensation of gliding across the water with men, women and children of all ages, giving everyone the opportunity to experience all that stand up paddle boarding has to offer,” he said.

Mr. Krauspe has lived in New Smyrna Beach for the past 17 years and he and his wife, Samantha, have twin five year olds.

For information about Stand Up Paddle Boarding, call (386) 314-5211 or email

Q. How did you discover paddle boarding?

A. Growing up in Santa Monica (Calif) I’ve always had surfing, boating, fishing, skateboarding, snow boarding, and basically every other outdoor activity in my life. Paddle boarding was just the next thing for me to try, and once I did, I was hooked, as is so often the case with people who are introduced to this sport.

Q. What are the benefits of this sport?

A. There are truly so many benefits to paddle boarding that it would be hard to list them all! Weight loss, increased fitness level, time for the mind to relax, challenging yourself, getting outdoors, viewing nature, to name but a few.

Q. Is there a certain age group best suited to the activity or is it easy for all ages to learn?

A. One of the reasons I feel paddle boarding is so great is there really is no age group best suited to this sport. I have found the young to the young-at-heart can enjoy this activity equally as much and both benefit from it.

Q. Please explain why and how paddle boarding has gained so much popularity/momentum in recent years?

A. Well, like I said before, it’s a sport that is really suited to everyone so families can enjoy doing this activity together from the grandparents to the little ones. Many people would like to surf, but perhaps cannot face the physical challenges that comes with the sport. Paddle boarding offers the same sensation as gliding on the water and everyone can feel the stroke of it, once you try it, you want to do it again and again and again!

Q. What does New Smyrna Stan Up offer to help people learn the technique and what physical attributes are necessary to become proficient?

A. For beginners we offer our River Paddle, which teaches the very basics of paddle boarding for everyone to try. It’s also a great way to experience the backwaters of the Indian River, one of the most diverse biological eco-systems in the United States. You never know what you many get to see! There really are no boundaries as far as physicality for paddle boarding, this sport can be taken as slow or aggressive as you like. Sitting, kneeling and prone paddling are other options aside from standing on the board so you an always move into a different position if you need to.

Q. What physical benefits are achieved through regular paddle boarding for exercise?

A. Paddle boarding in the surf an be an allover body workout. Flat-water paddling offers a great core, back and upper body workout. Regular paddle boarding along with a health diet will shed pounds rapidly. I’ve seen firsthand people drop 50 pounds or more enjoying paddle boarding. Aside from weight loss, just getting outdoors and away from our busy lives is the best benefit of all.

Q. Our issue this month is geared to the many types of outdoor activities available for fun and good health. What other types of fitness or outdoor leisure activities does your company offer?

A. Primarily our company is geared around paddle boarding. We offer SUP Yoga classes, ocean paddling and wave riding lessons, board rentals, along with children’s surf lessons and SUP Adventure Camp. We also offer private paddle parties, which are a great way to have a personalise paddle boarding experience when your family and friends come into town.

Q. Do you have a number of people who are getting older but want to be in good physical condition while enjoying the process? What feedback you get from them about how the activities you offer help them achieve that?

A. Many paddlers that start with us go on to purchase their own boards and I often see them paddling in the river as I take out new beginners. What is there not to like about paddle boarding? It’s peaceful, freeing, great for the body, and perhaps more importantly, the mind. I have had couples start out with New Smyrna Stand Up on River Paddles, and go onto purchase one board to share, then one each an then even start making their own boards. Others go on to challenge the waves and learn how to SUP surf. We have had many older paddlers start out on a basic paddle boarding experience with us an ego on to change their entire lifestyle with this new found activity. It’s really awesome to see so many of our beginner clients bring paddle boarding into their lives on a permanent basis.

Q. Any further thoughts?

A. Our oldest paddler to date has been 81 with a close behind 80 year old grandfather who enjoyed a private paddle with his grandson Jack who was 9. It was the most rewarding paddle we’ve had so far, generations apart in age, enjoying an experience together that shall not be forgotten by either of them. Awesome! We recommend paddle boarding to anyone that would like to give it a try. It’s a great way to get outdoors, get fit and get a sense of peace as you glide down whatever body of water you choose. You never know where your first paddle boarding experience will take you next.

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